The Dyslexia Research Institute Mission
Ten to fifteen percent of the US population has dyslexia, yet only five out of every one hundred dyslexics are recognized and receive assistance. Approximately 60% of individuals diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders are also dyslexic, however, their learning and language differences are often unrecognized because only the behavioral aspects of ADHD are addressed. Without the proper diagnosis and help, many of these dyslexics and ADHD individuals are only functionally literate, and are part of the forty-four million adults with only the lowest level of literacy. This limits their ability to find jobs and function independently within their communities.
Since 1975, the goal of the Dyslexia Research Institute, Inc. has been to change the perception of learning differences, specifically in the area of dyslexia and attention deficit hyper activity disorders (ADHD). With proper recognition and intervention, dyslexics and individuals with ADHD become successful individuals using their talents and skills to enrich our society. They may take their place alongside other individuals with dyslexia or ADHD, such as Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Nelson Rockefeller.
The Dyslexia Research Institute operates Woodland Hall Academy and Dyslexia Research Institute Literacy and Life Skills (DRILLS), an adult program, provides parenting information, teacher training, advocacy and consultation, and research and development resources. The Institute's director, Patricia K. Hardman, Ph.D., is a nationally known expert in the field of dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. She is a consultant for businesses, federal and state programs, correctional institutions, and educational programs throughout the country.

The Hardman Technique is a complete multisensorial curriculum (reading, grammar, math and study skills) which is utilized by Dyslexia Research Institute as well as several other programs across the country. It has been specifically developed and designed for dyslexia/ADHD adults and children. Dyslexia Research Institute has field tested the methods, and continues to develop The Hardman Technique in conjunction with Hardman & Associates. The Hardman Technique Training Course is accredited at the Teacher and Trainer of Teacher levels by The International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC). IMSLEC is a non-profit corporation formed in 1995 to accredit training programs that prepare specialists in multisensory language programs. This is the scientifically proven appropriate instructional method of teaching dyslexic individuals. This is the ONLY accredited MSLE Teacher Training program in Florida. IMSLEC (
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