Patricia K. Hardman, Ph.D., has been specializing in the field of dyslexia/ADD since 1969. She studied and worked in primary research in the field of dyslexia with Charles Shedd, Ph.D; in the field of Biochemistry and Nutrition with Mary Allen, Ph.D.; and in the field of allergies, diets and environmental intolerances with Allen Lieberman, M.D.

Educational Background: B.S. in Education and a classroom teacher for 5 years. M.S. in Administration and Supervision and a school administrator since 1969; and a Doctor of Philosophy with the major area in Dyslexia and minor area in Testing and Counseling. She is also certified in Modified Montessori.

Dr. Hardman is the author of over 50 texts for educating dyslexic and ADD individuals with published articles in The Journal of Learning Disabilities, Academic Therapy, and Prevention Magazine. Guest lecturer on all aspects of dyslexia/ADD for local, state, national and international groups, including parents, teachers, doctors, judges, corrections facilities, counselors and others. In 1990, Dr. Hardman received a commendation from the South Carolina House of Representatives for her contributions to the field of dyslexia and her service to the community. In 1990-91, Dr. Hardman co-chaired The National Task Force on Dyslexia/LD. In 1998, Dr. Hardman received NAASLN's Distinguished Service Award in recognition for her exemplary services to adults with special learning needs and continuing dedication to lifelong learning.

In August, 1999, Dr. Hardman was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to serve on the Occupational Access and Opportunity Commission to reorganize Vocational Rehabilitation in Florida.

She is a founding member and past member of the Board of the Florida Branch of the Orton Dyslexia Society and is presently on the Board of International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council and Big Bend Jobs and Education Council.

Dr. Hardman conducts ongoing research and development in conjunction with the Dyslexia Research Institute and Woodland Hall Academy in Tallahassee, Florida, as well as GoodWill Industries of Mannasota County, Florida.

Robyn A. Rennick, M.S., has been teaching dyslexic and ADD students since 1979 and was the principal of Woodland Hall Academy, a school for dyslexic students from 1981 - 1998. She is the program coordinator of The Dyslexia Research Institute and administrator of the Adult Program. Ms. Rennick is the Director of Teacher Training for Hardman & Associates.

Educational Background: B.A. in English and Theatre with a teaching certification in English. M.S. in Adult Education from Florida State University. A certified Director in the Hardman Technique which indicates over 200 hours in instruction covering all areas of dyslexia.

Ms. Rennick was the editor and writer of the newsletter H&A News and Views, which discusses aspects of dyslexia, ADD and training opportunities by Hardman & Associates.

She is a guest speaker on various aspects of dyslexia and ADD to many clubs, civic organizations, and state and national groups. Ms. Rennick is the workshop leader for teachers and parents concerning dyslexia, ADD and The Hardman Technique. She has organized and facilitated support groups for adults with dyslexia/ADD.

She is a former Secretary of the Florida Branch of the Orton Dyslexia Society, and is presently the Vice-President of The National Association Of Adults With Special Learning Needs (NASSLN). She is the President of the Coalition of McKay Scholarship schools, a Florida Association.








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