Hardman and Associates, consultants to Dyslexia Research Institute, offers seminars on all areas of dyslexia and attention deficit disorders. These seminars address the issues that affect the child and the adult dyslexic/ADD individual.

Seminars are tailored to meet the needs of specific programs whether in elementary, secondary, post secondary, corrections education, juvenile justice, job/career skills, vocational training, etc.

Workshops for teachers which offer intensive training in a full curriculum designed for the dyslexic/ADD/SLD child or adult are also offered through Hardman and Associates.

To inquire about arranging one of the following seminars or workshops for your organization, contact Robyn A. Rennick through our e-mail address or mailing address with specific questions concerning these workshops and your organization's particular needs.

Parent/Teacher Seminars
"Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorders De-mystified"
"Dyslexia, ADD, LD and Delinquency"
"Alternative to Drugs -- Appropriate Biochemical, Behavioral, Social and Academic Modifications for Dyslexic and ADD Individuals"
"Dyslexia -- Not Just a Reading Problem; ADD -- Not Just a Behavioral Problem"
"What We As Adults Do To Teach Our Children To (Mis)Behave and What We Can Do About It"
"Diet and Allegeries and Their Role In Behavior and Learning"
"Teaching Your Child To Manage Money Responsibly"
"Taming the Homework Monster"
"The Link Between Dyslexia/ADD and Chemical Addictions"


Seminars On Adult Issues
"The Chronically Unemployed Dyslexic and ADD Adult"
"The Effect Of Language and Perceptual Differences On Job Skills"
"What Job Coaches Can Do To Help the Chronically Unemployed"
"Dyslexic/ADD Adults and Job Skills"
"The Dyslexic/ADD in the Workplace"
"How Does the Americans With Disabilities Act Affect the Employer
"How Can an Employer Help His Dyslexic/ADD Employee Become More Productive"
"It Didn't Go Away Just Because They Grew Taller"
"DRILLS - A Model Adult Litaracy Life Skills Program"


Teacher Training Seminars
"What Is This Thing Called Dyslexia/ADD/SLD"
"How To Teach Dyslexic/ADD/SLD Regardless Of Age and Literacy Skills"
"Don't Tell Me How To Study; Teach Me How"
"Integrating the Content Course With Multisensorial Techniques To Aid Learning"
"Matching Reading Instruction To Readers' Learning Needs"
"Using Multisensorial Techniques For Adults With Dyslexia, ADD and Related Learning Differences"
"Developing Writers Through a Multisensorial Classical Approach To Grammar"
"Inclusion: What It Can and Can't Do For the Dyslexic/ADD Learner"


Corrections Education Seminars
"Dyslexics and ADD Individuals In the Justice System"
"Social and Behavioral Problems Of Dyslexic/SLD/ADD"
"Why Traditional Counseling Doesn't Work For the Dyslexic/ADD and What Does Work"
"Dyslexia, ADD, LD and Delinquency -- Addressing the Learning, Social, Behavioral and Vocational Problems Within the Corrections System"
"Dyslexia/ADD/SLD and Juvenile Delinquency"
"It Didn't Go Away Just Because They Grew Taller."
"DRILLS -- A Model Adult Literary Life Skills Program."


Do you recognize your type of organization below? Do you have a need for information concerning Dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorders which will allow you to assist your students or clients more effectively? If so, contact DRI about presenting a workshop for your organization.

Participants in Hardman and Associates Seminars since 1995
have included the following:

2000: Teachers (1st - 12th)
  Maranatha Teacher In-service workshop, Tallahassee, FL
2000: Teachers, Adult Educators, Parents
  International Dyslexia Association, Louisiana Branch
2000, 1999: Welfare to Work Counselors, Adult Educators
  CARC, Lake City, Florida
  1999: Adult Educators, Correctional Education
National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs, New Orleans, LA
1998: Welfare to Work Counselors, Adult Educators
  CARC, Lake City, Florida
Big Bend Jobs & Education council, Tallahassee, FL
Welfare to Work, Lake City Region
1997: Adult Educators, National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs
  San Diego, CA


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